137 Corona Crisis With Johnny of Granola Shotgun

Johnny’s bulk grain. Image: Granola Shotgun.

Johnny Sanphillippo of the blog Granola Shotgun dropped by the Root Simple podcast today to talk about a lifestyle that’s proving useful in our troubled times. I decided to put this podcast out quickly so please excuse the less than ideal audio on my end. During our conversation we discuss Johnny’s most recent blog post, “Recipes for Disaster,” which covers his tips and tricks for living frugally and being prepared for a crisis.

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Free Qigong via Zoom

Sorry for the last second post, but friend of the blog Lee Conger is offering free Qigong instruction via Zoom. All are welcome. Here’s the 411:

the Zoom meetings for the sessions: daily at different times, through
Wed., April 1. Links are below. Next up: Separate Facebook events for
each at Lee Conger, Integral Qigong and Tai Chi and Mind-Body Los
Angeles. But right now, I have to get ready for the 10:30AM
orientation and session. See you there?!

FREE! Qigong! Ancient Chinese energy practice, involving gentle,
meditative movement and breathwork. Daily, online sessions through
Wednesday, April 1, but at different times. An optional, half-hour
orientation for newcomers to Qigong will precede each session.
Schedule appears below (subject to change).

* Thursday, 3/26, 10:30AM orientation / 11AM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/832068559

* Friday, 3/27, 10:30AM orientation / 11AM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/387723400

* Sat., 3/28, 1PM orientation / 1:30PM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/712246953

* Sunday, 3/29, 3PM orientation / 3:30PM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/472877790

* Monday, 3/30, 12PM orientation / 12:30PM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/560949674

* Tuesday, 3/31, 6:30PM orientation / 7PM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/531695195

* Wed., 4/1, 1PM orientation / 1:30PM Qigong. https://zoom.us/j/399133124

See also Mind-Body Los Angeles​ and mindbodylosangeles.com.

Random Covid Thoughts

  • Here’s what we all need to do right now: If you can, stay home–not for your own sake but for the health and safety of vulnerable people. Here’s a short paper by Nassim Taleb that explains why.
  • Call people who are alone and have a chat.
  • Worrying about being productive isn’t productive. It’s okay to be anxious. Do the two things above and that’s enough for the day.
  • We need to support, in any way we can, those that have to work right now. If you’re using a delivery service tip generously. And I keep thinking about this essay in The Baffler by Lizzie O’Shea “We Keep You Alive” that debunks the idea that “unskilled” labor is, in fact, unskilled. I’m grateful for food service workers right now.
  • It goes without saying we also need to appreciate and support anyone who works in the medical profession.
  • Some people don’t understand non-linear systems and risk.
  • I’m mad with Charles Eisenstein. Releasing a podcast, at this time, skeptical of the benefits of quarantine in the midst of a pandemic and then going on with a guest to denigrate vaccines is irresponsible. Yes, I’m one of those people who are “triggered” by vaccine and quarantine skepticism. I’m triggered because the stakes are high. Eisenstein’s skepticism (and I mean this in the technical, philosophical meaning of the word) is a symptom of the type of person who spends too much time speaking and writing and not enough time working with their hands. Find some balance brother Charles.
  • An opera fan friend of mine let me know that the Metropolitan Opera has dropped (as the kids say) free Wagner all week. Last year I watched the Ring Cycle on YouTube in its entirety (the amazing Boulez version) and worked it into so many conversations that Kelly begged me to shut up. If you’ve got 15 hours to spare (and most of you do) you can begin with the Met’s version of Das Rheingold today. Note the instructions for how to access them for free. Yes, Wagner was a terrible person. No, he was not a proto-Nazi (the Nazis loved Puccini). The Ring Cycle is a profound meditation on ecology and industrialization and the hope for a better world. The music is breathtaking.
  • Speaking of a better world, the DSA-LA has a Zoom meeting this Saturday
  • I’m noticing that this “urban homestead” lifestyle thing sure is handy right now. Wish I had some citrus growing but I’m grateful for the eggs and avocados.
  • Lastly, I used a sprayer to paint Kelly’s shed interior yesterday. I didn’t pull up the hood on my painting jumpsuit all the way. When I came into the house and looked in the mirror I had gone prematurely gray. Counting my blessings that this is the only problem I have right now.


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