Weekend Linkages: Perfection Salad

Strange Zillow listing of the week

Frank Sinatra’s Chatsworth Home Listed For $21.5M (It’s actually kinda nice)

Cat on a hot satellite dish: Elon Musk’s Starlink antenna hits surprise problem

Climate change, rising temperatures will lead to rise in kidney stones – study

Vision Zero failure: 18 bike riders killed in Los Angeles in 2021

Gas stoves and indoor air quality

There is No Red Pill

Hacked Prius Running on MUNI Power Lines (spoiler: this is one of the best April Fools day jokes ever)

Weekend Linkages: Omicron, Belgian Houses and Farts in Jars

Spotted in San Francisco: some strange brickwork.

Omicron could peak in U.S. fairly soon. Maybe.

30 Belgian Houses That Are So Bad, They’re Good

The Getty’s Gift to Locked Down Los Angeles: 71,139 Ed Ruscha Vintage Streetscape Photos Digitized

Column: He’s L.A. food royalty. He began with a taco cart. Let street vendors thrive

TikTok Star Who Sells Her Farts in Jars Starts Selling Fart NFTs

A Night at the Church of Salt Bae, America’s Newest Celebrity Chef

The old golden savages killed their philosophers

‘I felt powerless – so I started filming’: CyclingMikey on his one-man battle with dangerous drivers

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement

America’s midlife crisis: lessons from a survivalist summit

Venice Bridge Will Be De-Calatrava’d to Keep Pedestrians From Face-planting

Weekend Linkages: Christmas!

Well, this certainly does sound like an…unusual Christmas party

Christmas gift ideas from medieval manuscripts

A sensible seeming Twitter thread on where we’re at Covid-wise

Takeover: when the Young Lords took over a hospital in the Bronx

Caffè Shakerato (Italian-Style Shaken Iced Coffee) Recipe

Sonoma County farm strikes black truffle gold after 9 years of waiting

Some very cool trains