Weekend Linkages: Historic Rain

The truth about California’s annual termite swarms

Can’t confirm this but some people might be eating monkey chow

Man Obsessed With ’90s Lives In Time Capsule And Uses Outdated Technology

Way beyond my abilities but this lip syncing project made me laugh

How to Build a Low-tech Solar Panel

Friend of the blog Jenn Berger has an art show up

I saw a good cat this weekend

Stay safe California friends

Weekend Linkages: Smoking Chickens

I really gotta stop looking at Twitter but that’s where you find images of smoking chickens.

Is that a dishwasher or a Hindu temple? Inside kitsch pomo masterpiece Cosmic House (Thanks for the link Nic!)

One Work: Gelatin’s The B-Thing

Meet Thatcher Wine: the ‘celebrity bibliophile’ you didn’t know you needed

The Last Glimpses of California’s Vanishing Hippie Utopias (Thanks Daniel for the link!)

How To Build Your Own Trippy Meditation Pod

Insects are vanishing from our planet at an alarming rate. But there are ways to help them

Improving tiny urban greenspaces causes huge boosts in insect life

If Hollywood Workers Strike, the Entertainment Industry Will Grind to a Halt