Saturday Linkages: Mostly Architecture

Special thanks to friend of the blog Nic for this week’s real estate listing of the week–your chance to buy Nixon’s old compound

Door of the week

L.A. Built a Tiny-House Village for Homeless Residents, and Some Aren’t So Sure About It

Inside the ‘Tartarian Empire,’ the QAnon of Architecture

Traffic Was Historically Low In 2020. The Death Toll On LA’s Streets Was Not

Cook With Internet Shaquille

I admire folks who have a intuitive grasp of their medium. An example would be the YouTube chef who goes by the nom de guerre, Internet Shaquille. He posts pithy, frugal and to the point cooking videos covering everything from hummus to coffee.

I’m partial to his take downs of expensive pre-made meals such as smoothy purveyor Daily Harvest,

and Scam Like Me, Get Blue Apron for Free.

He’s also got some solid advice on how to make a restaurant quality burrito at home.

So let that YouTube algorithm lead you down the Internet Shaquille hole where you’ll learn to make a BLT rather than storm the capital.

Let’s Just Call it Sunday Linkages Until My Schedule Changes

Mars Sucks

The pole vaulting shepherds of the Canary Islands

If you’d like to live in a giant Taco Bell and have $6,000,000 laying around this house is for you

A 1,000 year blue dye mystery solved

Kid, I blew up the honey: fallout from nuclear bomb tests detected in US pots

Gender reveal party host turns himself in to police; nearby residents complain of dirty water and a damaged foundation

Best Twitter thread of the week

Saturday Linkages: Late Again!

Reddit user BrewCoven repurposed an old TV for a cat bed.

‘Unorthodox and magical’: how tree stumps can transform your garden

Weeding and mulching are satisfying, but we need ground covers to eliminate those chores

Germinating Bed of Osiris

Gilles Deleuze correctly describes the world we live in today back in 1990

Strange real estate listing of the week

Resign Mitch O’Farrell: sign the petition!

Backyard and Backwards Beekeeping

I did a natural beekeeping Zoom talk for the Pasadena Public Library last month and they’ve posted it in the YouTubes for all to see. Fun fact: if you watch until the Q&A you’ll notice that my desktop computer is installed in our closet thus making my Zoom background a pile of folded sheets.

In the talk I give a brief intro to bee biology and then go over the way I keep bees here as taught to me by “backwards” beekeeping guru Kirk Anderson.

Beekeeping resources I mention during the talk:

Organizations/Websites local non-profit that provides hands-on education and resources for backyard beekeepers.

Principles of Beekeeping Backwards, a manifesto by Charles Martin Simon:

Xerces society: for information on native bees and how to provide habitat.

Backwards Beekeepers how-to videos on YouTube:

Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives: The Easy and Treatment-Free Way to Attract and Keep Healthy Bees by Rob and Chelsea McFarland

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping by Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer (believe it or not a good intro to natural beekeeping practices). Not to be confused with the Dummies Guide to Beekeeping.

Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies by The Xerces Society (Author), Dr. Marla Spivak (Foreword).

Help I’ve got bees in my wall!
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