Weekend Linkages: I Looked at Twitter So You Don’t Have To

Yes, someone once thought this was a good idea. Via @skepteis.

Where’s the herd immunity? Our research shows why Covid is still wreaking havoc

The farmers restoring Hawaii’s ancient food forests that once fed an island

Council member’s emails show inconsistencies with stance against bike lanes

My neighbor’s dog smells the chicken I’m grilling

They still make nice new buildings

A thread on eco-fascism

cats CAN’T have a little salami

You can visit Mt. Wilson!

Editors note: new post coming tomorrow, God willing.

Weekend Linkages for Your Memorial Day

Crypto posters on telephone poles–signs of a bubble?

How to Watch the (Potential) Tau Herculids Meteor Shower Tonight

Gardeners use plant dyes to combat toxic chemicals used by fashion industry

End of an era as New York removes last public payphone

Eelgrass is an ancestral food in Sonora’s Comcaac community. Now it’s gaining global attention

Much warmer and drier second half of May, and some thoughts about summer to come