Saturday Linkages: Trash Panda Paradise

Jessie Newbery: embroidery as art

Reflections on Larry Korn’s Passing, the Preciousness of Elders, Friendship, Love, Kindness, Care

How to Say I Love You in Greenlandic An Arctic Alphabet

The Secret to a Perfect Hot Glue Mold

Planting the Natural Garden a new book by Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen

Poor Man’s Quinoa

Bernie Sanders, filmstrip entrepreneur

This year, why not serve your turkey with green maraschino cherries and watery looking vegetable juice?

Simple American

Saturday Linkages: And So On . . .

Chicken of the woods mushroom–more on this in a future post.

Florence Caulfield and ‘The Illustrated Needlework Book’

This might be the most 2019 thing I’ve seen

Sasquatch or Wendigo? Mysterious howls in Canadian wilderness spark confusion (Mini editorial: I think the native spirits are angry with us)

Slavoj Žižek on recycling ecology and consumerism

Bikelash’s Latest Tactics: Pedophile Smears and Conspiracy Theories

Credit Card Skimmers Evolved: Shimming

Faking it: could I go from being an introvert to an extrovert in one week?

The Actuarial Table

Saturday Linkages: A Big Post of Random Stuff

Spotted in our local little library. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Mist Showers: Sustainable Decadence?

$1.50 for 1000 hens: Hamilton man desperate to rehome birds after accidentally winning auction

Gary Nabhan requests career counseling from a pomegranate tree

Samhain, Grief, and Photographs on Backyard Ecosystem

Democrats’ baffling blind spot on cars

The Automotive Police State

A 3d printed floor lamp

Saturday Linkages: Get Off the Internet and Embroider!

My great aunt enjoying a goat chariot in Stockton, CA.

Want to learn embroidery? Natalie Richards shows you the stitches on YouTube.

Unraveling the Secret Origins of an AmazonBasics Battery

All Right Already By now, we know where Facebook’s allegiances lie

Meat in the Machine

Winds of change: the sailing ships cleaning up sea transport

Silicon Valley Leaders Sit Down With Wildfire At Investment Meeting After Being Impressed By Its Rapid Expansion

Belgian TV show takes politicians on a bike ride – then confronts them with 500 relatives of cyclists killed through poor infrastructure

Saturday Linkages: We Are All Liars

Rather than links today, I thought I’d post a quote from a book everyone should read, Richard Seymour’s The Twittering Machine:

On the social media platforms, the incentive is to constantly produce more information: a perpetual motion machine, harnessed to passions of which the machine knows nothing. This production is not for the purpose of making meaning. It is for the purpose of producing effects on users that keep us hooked. It is for the purpose of making users the conduits of the machine’s power, keeping its effects in circulation. Faked celebrity deaths, trolling, porn clickbait, advertisements, flurries of food and animal pictures, thirst traps, the endless ticker tape of messages mean less than they perform. The increase of information corresponds to a decrease in meaning . . . The result could be the most elaborate Skinner Box in history. What seems like a device for adventure and freedom could become ‘the creepiest behavior-modification device’ invented thus far.