Weekend Linkages: Smoking Chickens

I really gotta stop looking at Twitter but that’s where you find images of smoking chickens.

Is that a dishwasher or a Hindu temple? Inside kitsch pomo masterpiece Cosmic House (Thanks for the link Nic!)

One Work: Gelatin’s The B-Thing

Meet Thatcher Wine: the ‘celebrity bibliophile’ you didn’t know you needed

The Last Glimpses of California’s Vanishing Hippie Utopias (Thanks Daniel for the link!)

How To Build Your Own Trippy Meditation Pod

Insects are vanishing from our planet at an alarming rate. But there are ways to help them

Improving tiny urban greenspaces causes huge boosts in insect life

If Hollywood Workers Strike, the Entertainment Industry Will Grind to a Halt

Weekend Linkages: 217 Vacuum Cleaners

Spotted on a dog walk. FYI, I think it’s a joke.

Long Twitter thread on cats that hide inside of furniture

I think this might be my favorite bit of opera (thank you Lee!)

My neighbor Chap does these amazing recreations of the colors of ancient statuary

Looking for a cookbook made by motorcycle clubs or clowns?

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship

Building with Mushrooms

Traditional technique of hand ironing and folding shirts

Weekend Linkages: Pyramids, Strange Houses and F-ing Gourds

Orange free peaches, painted by Elsie E. Lower, 1910. Via @pomological.

A stepped pyramid in the desert

Where did SARS-CoV-2 come from?

People are still taking that horse medication

That time someone tried to set up a Vietnam war theme park (a podcast)

Strangest Zillow listing ever

The Diapers.com Guy Wants to Build a Utopian Megalopolis

F-ing gourd season

Can We Live Without Twitter?