Weekend Linkages: AI, That Damn Metaverse, Living Pantries and Compressed Air

Image from the deep internets.

The stupidity of AI

Who Is Still Inside the Metaverse? Searching for friends in Mark Zuckerberg’s deserted fantasyland.

No, Cities Aren’t Doomed Because of Remote Work

Los Angeles’s Metro Is Using Classical Music as a Weapon

‘A living pantry’: how an urban food forest in Arizona became a model for climate action

History and Future of the Compressed Air Economy

Weekend Linkages: Advent Hauntology

All Saint’s Margaret Street. Photo: Diliff

A Plea to Resurrect the Christmas Tradition of Telling Ghost Stories

If you like the idea of Christmas ghost stories let me recommend the writings of M.R. James that you can access here for free

Eric Garcetti’s Broken Sidewalks

Coincidence department: Will Self discovers evensong and the hidden charm of All Saint’s, Margaret Street (which we visited last month in London)

Watch out for the flu

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Christmas Tree Pops

Weekend Linkages: Covid Brain Edition

How to take care of your avocado trees

Polyrhythms played on two Igbo cowbells

LA City Council meeting now with more cowbell

Outrage: future generations will laugh in horror and derision at the folly of facadism

Weirdcore and the Eerie Atmospheres of Postmodernity

Rationalist Harry Potter and the Collapse of Crypto

Elon’s Biggest Boondoggle Why did the world’s richest man spend the past five years trying to sell cities a hole in the ground?

The Truth Was Out There: On the Legacy of Art Bell