Weekend Linkages: A Geodesic Thanksgiving

A cardboard geodesic dome for your cat

The true costs of driving

Fall flowers: Which marigold is right for you?

Weekend Linkages: The Birds Have Eyes

Spotted in East Hollywood: security cameras in a bird house.

Antique Pattern Library

Make a Spin Dryer From a Discarded Washing Machine Drum, an Abandoned Bicycle and a Pallet

Synergizing the Beauty of Mathematics and Art

A giant pumpkin timelapse

Benibeca, Menorca is one fine looking town

Census: No great migration occurred during COVID-19 pandemic

The truth about bitocoin

Dear Joe: The Electric Hummer is Not the Future

Why Sharrows Are Bullshit

The a podcast about the downfall of LA city coucilman Jose Huizar

Archbishop lets down flock

The internet is magic sometimes

Weekend Linkages: Fall Fig Leaf

Homemade Harissa Sauce

Fascine Mattresses: Basketry Gone Wild

A timeline of Food (via Recomendo newsletter)

Saturday afternoon Ikea trip simulator

Just in case you need a centaur costume

Art, Hoax, and Provocation

The quiet, monochromatic urban landscapes of Russian painter Vladimir Shinkarev

In dystopia news . . .

Against artsploitation

That strange 1990s swing revival thing

An interactive world music map (via Recomendo newsletter)