Saturday Linkages: Strange Times

IMHO, the nicest apartment building at 933 Parkman in Silver Lake.

Breast Cancer Patient Attacked by Violent Anti-Mask Protest Outside Clinic

Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection

Taking place in our neighborhood: spa wars

Also our neighborhood: Is Erewhon’s Arrival in Silver Lake the Final Nail in the Gentrifying Neighborhood’s Coffin?

Loved the 80s? You’ll love this house

How to use your Apple AirPods Pro as hearing aids (via GardenFork)

On damsels and influencers

World’s worst tiny house

A fungi film fest

How the CIA Helped Shape the Creative Writing Scene in America

Introducing friend of the blog Doug Harvey’s Less Art: Reviews and Commentaries of Movies, TV, Books, Music, Radio, and Art

Holiday Weekend Linkages: Full Disclosure

A Nation Conceived in Liberty Confronts Its Queasiness With the “MILF Mobile”

Car problems

How the Twitter tide of plastic lost at sea has come to define our age

Welcome to dystopia: getting fired from your job as an Amazon worker by an app

Cities’ plea to Biden: Help us lower speed limits

135 questions for those who shape and those who (sometimes) occupy New York City’s extreme upper skyline

Moldy Slides: Romantic Landscapes Rearranged

A strange house built only at night

Strange real estate listing of the week–I actually kinda like this one

Weekend Linkages: Summer Heat, Oaks and QAnon

Ancient Egyptian vessel shaped like a pomegranate via @aic_ancient.

100 British chairs

When Old Oaks Fall

Nabhan: Food and Farming Crisis Requires Both Science and Faith

Is Geotagging on Instagram Ruining Natural Wonders? Some Say Yes

California’s yoga, wellness and spirituality community has a QAnon problem

Uber and Lyft Donated to Community Groups Who Then Pushed the Companies’Agenda

California dodges worst of historic Pacific Northwest heatwave, but long-duration heatwave still likely inland. Plus: significant monsoonal surge next week?