Weekend Linkages: Throwing Axes in the Garden

Bragging rights if you know where this is and leave a comment . . .

Aubergine dip, chicken skewers and beans with dill: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Persian recipes

Bunya nut bounty: How to process and cook Australian native bunya nuts

Block ads and trackers with a Pi-hole

A Twitter thread on what a Pi-hole is

Elon’s Biggest Boondoggle: Why did the world’s richest man spend the past five years trying to sell cities a hole in the ground?

Philadelphia Becomes First City To Be 100% Parking Spots

Greene & Greene Architectural Records and Papers Collection

Weekend Linkages: DIY Fiberglass, Dark Stores, and a Cat With Magic Ears

How to make poor man’s fiberglass

In Poland, People Are Roleplaying as Americans

Oprah’s ‘happiness guru’ designed apartments to maximize joy — and they start at $5 million

Bank of America Memo, Revealed: “We Hope” Conditions for American Workers Will Get Worse

Fear of Rampant Crime Is Derailing New York City’s Recovery

‘Dark stores’ offer anything you need in 30 minutes. But there’s a human cost

A bike lane built for a car crash

Real estate find of the week

The Cat with Magic Ears

Weekend Linkages: Spiders and Fast Food Ghosts

Michael Grave’s original plans for Portland City Hall had a little town on top via @jmfowl.

Two Men Had To Be Extinguished After Catching Fire At Goop Store

A beautiful art book about spiders

LA Restaurants Are Breathing Life Into the Architectural Ghosts of Fast-Food Past

China Miéville: “If you don’t feel despair, you’re not opening your eyes”

Energy use from US cryptomining firms is contributing to rising utility bills