Saturday Linkages: Makers, Haters and Beekeeping Donkeys


Beekeeping Donkey is a Honey Farmer’s Best Friend : TreeHugger … via bikejuju

Rental Search, Caused by Storm, Is Complicated by Pet Chickens


Exactly what wildlife do we want overwintering in our beds? | Garden Rant …

Grounded Design by Thomas Rainer: Fabulous Succulent Pots …

Brazilian model offers post storm hazard tree assessment:

Food Preservation

Homemade Cranberry Jelly and Pickled Cranberries …


Step-by-Step Tiny Home Design & Construction …

Open Source Ecology’s “Build Yourself”: …

Popular Mechanics Magazines from the 1930s …

People Are Suspicious About This Pee-Powered Generator …

Electric Velomobiles-as Fast and Comfortable as Autos-80 times more Efficient …


Shopspin: The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog – …

Hand-crank mills with which to grind one’s own flour ($675.95) are the new artisanal mayonnaise: …

From the be careful who you put on a pedestal department . . .

Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100 …

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Saturday Linkages: The Calm After the Storm

Got a storm damaged tree? See Trees Are Good for advice.

Build-It-Solar Blog: A Unique DIY Solar Pool Heating Collector Using PV… 

Build-It-Solar Blog: Large DIY Solar Space and Water Heating System in … 

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Saturday Linkages: Fueling Up

Only in India

Six ways to reuse plastic mesh bags: 

How I Work: I’m Mark Frauenfelder, Editor-In-Chief of MAKE Magazine, and This Is How I Work – 

Free Heat for Your Home: Homemade Briquettes and Logs 

Mark Bittman: A Simple Fix for Farming

Fueling up: 

The Island Where People Forget to Die

Nice graphic showing why taking the lane is a good idea.  (via Commute Orlando) 

From the Root Simple Archive 
Appletastic Apple Cake

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Saturday Linkages: Don’t seek the truth – just drop your opinions

Rear-cycling: Minimalist Stool Grows With Old Magazines | Designs & Ideas on Dornob 

Bastard chairs of China: 

Tiny Home With Metal Siding in Texas 

Life is swell in a fallout shelter!: 

Small, Flat-bottomed Sailboat 

Car Tent for stealth city camping: Geekologie  

Heirloom Apples, Heritage Orchards & Cideries Bring Back Food Diversity and Jobs to Our Communities

World Food Day: A Franciscan Prayer Service on Behalf of Farmers, Farmworkers & Fishers in a Year of Drought

Zen saying: Don’t seek the truth – just drop your opinions.

Health and Fitness
Fencing may help improve some cognitive functions in older people – Los Angeles Times,0,1166016.story 

Garden planter turns out to be Roman antique:  

Best Reporting on the Space Shuttle Tree Debacle
Science Center Given Approval to Remove Nearly 400 Trees to Make Way for Shuttle   

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Saturday Linkages: Will Your Next House Be Built With Mushrooms?

Fast Fungi Bricks via Dornob

What I am reading from the Los Angeles Public Library: Organic Olives  

Garden planter turns out to be Roman antique: 

North House Folk School 

HOWTO make a sandwich caddy out of a milk jug: 

Tegaderm 3M product for applying dressing over bleeding injury: 

How to Tell Time Like a Soldier | The Art of Manliness  

DesignFast Fungi Bricks: Mushroom Blocks Better than Concrete?! | Designs & Ideas on Dornob 

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