Saturday Linkages: Sedum Stumps, Chicken Steadycams and the End of the World


Cool gift idea–plant a sedum stump:

Nature Meets Video

Chicken as steadycam:

Fantastic slow motion video of sprinting cheetahs – Boing Boing …

DIY Livin’

Sun Ray Kelly: An Ungated Community

Modest Student Micro-Cottage is a Mere 12 Square Meters | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

Emergency Shelters …

Read and Relax in the Sculptural Bookworm Chair | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

Holy Crap!

GRANTHAM: We’re Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions …

The World in 2036: Nassim Taleb looks at what will break, and what won’t | The Economist

Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee

Why Phoenix is becoming more like Minneapolis:

Central Valley residents tired of receiving L.A.’s urban waste – Los Angeles Times,0,3069632.story …

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  1. We’re not in a location (portland, OR) where sedums do super-well outside, for the most part. I did, however, plant a creeping raspberry in one of our stumps this fall. It seems to be doing well.

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