Saturday Linkages: Coop Plans, Moonshine and Mercury in Seafood

How to Build A Chicken Coop
by TimothySanders. Based on Tom and Lyanda’s Chicken coop.


Infographic: How To Build Tom and Lyanda’s Backyard Chicken Coop …

An easy way to make moonshine: …

Pastoral Pavilion: Eco-Friendly Retreat Meets Regional Style | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

Loving David Culp’s Layered Garden. Scheming to see the garden. | Garden Rant …

The story of Mission grapes:

Signs of the Mayan Apocalypse
Cigarette company endorses apples: …

Mercury in seafood: Where does it come from? …

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    kill you. The trouble is that it doesn’t separate the methanol
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    If someone were to make this, they should only use it for cooking
    or sterilizing wounds. If someone really wanted to make a still,
    there are plenty of plans on the intertubes.

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