Saturday Linkages: Tiny Houses, Pink Slime and Martinis

Garage becomes house.

Tiny Houses
Cozy Carpark: 250-Square-Foot Home Inside Old Garage | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

Losing Everything–Starting Over with a Tiny House …

Vegetarian Recipe: Fennel alla Parmigiana …

Leaded gasoline and the 20th-century crime wave: …

USDA internal discussions of Pink Slime revealed:”We are taking a beating from the media” – Boing Boing …

@itspastormatt How Doctors Die: Not Like the Rest of Us 

Closing Quote
Buñuel martini recipe: allow “a ray of sunlight to shine through a bottle of Noilly Prat before it hits the bottle of gin.”

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  1. What a great article by that doctor. Around the same time my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, the dad of a friend got the same diagnosis, with a similar degree of spread. As there were multiple doctors in my family, my dad only received palliative care, and died at home about two months later. Her family did not have the same information, and her dad had surgery, chemo, radiation, living almost eight months. The majority of that time was in hospital, in pain, or in a coma, wasting away. She told me it was horrific. It was not easy watching my dad die, but he definitely experienced quality over quantity. As I say, leave while the party’s good.

    • My condolences and thanks for sharing your story. It certainly was an interesting article.

  2. Thanks for your weekly links – I always get so much out of them. I came across that article by Ken Murray MD before, and I even have it bookmarked and have discussed my wishes at length with my family because of it. Thanks for sharing it here so more people can read it.

    I was just telling my boyfriend about the Freakonomics crime drop correlation recently, so it’s interesting to come across the lead correlation too.

    And finally, I love anything tiny house related!

    • Thanks for the compliment–I’m never sure if people are reading this blog on the weekend or out having a good time. Good to hear that someone is enjoying the links. Hope you’re having a great new year so far.

  3. i love all the little house stuff – makes me wonder… we have purchased 10 acres and are converting the old building on the site….my partner is doing it all himself in his free time(i am helping but really that is minimal in the whole scope of things)- which has me antsy waiting to be able to move out there. when i mention tiny house ideas, he says a lot of it is against code and we wont pass the inspections. seems that is why a lot of the little houses are on wheels? or maybe he just tells me that because he doesnt like my ideas ;)? or maybe it is a question of who actually is paying attention to how people are living on their land? but we couldnt start our conversion without a permit and we have to pass inspections for them to allow us to live there. i will be doing an outside dry composting bathroom when i move out there but he says we still have to have it all plumbed in and functioning in the house. same with washer and stove, etc even though i wont be using them. it seems so simple when i read all the stories but when i bring them to him, it is always about inspections and codes. i mean it seems to defeat the purpose if i have to install and buy etc everything to move in to try to get to a point where i can minimize. reverse logic or the man at work…sigh. i think i read some article somewhere about how the housing codes came to be and a lot of it was to support construction etc.

    and thanks for the article on death. beautiful. and expresses what i wanted to express in a way i never could…printing for my mom and partner.

    thank you always for all the time you put into bringing great info to the rest of us. rootsimple is my one stop shopping!

  4. Somehow I picture the Homegrown household going on a lead-induced crime spree… Setting fire to movie star trailers in bike lanes… Vigilante violence against front yard squash burglars… planting kudzu on enemies’ lawns… The possibilities are endless.

  5. Thanks for all those links Erik and Kelly, neat stuff this week. I might be plugging in the brain RCA jacks of the internet for inspiration.

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