113 Open Floor Plans and Dog Sports

On the Root Simple Podcast this week, Kelly and I discuss fire safety problems caused by open floor plans and modern materials and Kelly shares her favorite dog sports (picture above is of our Saluki Ivan in front of a neighbor’s non-open floor plan house). During the podcast we refer to our open floor plan fire safety rant, “Your Open Floor Plan is a Death Trap,” as well as Shigeru Bans’ wall-less house. Then we get to chatting about dog sports including canine nose work, agility, lure coursing, obedience and barn hunting.

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  1. As I was listening I had to look up Victorian clutter, because while I thought I knew what you were talking about I wanted to make sure. It lead me to this spectacular blog post and I thought I would share: https://pastisaforeigncountry.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/dennis-severs-house-you-either-get-it-or-you-dont/

    I’d like to bring back things like doilies (that’s because I have a mound of them my grandmother made!)—but that’s another subject. I could definitely get into Victorian clutter and enjoy it.

  2. The discussion about open floor plans and synthetic furnishings was enlightening. Those house-hunting shows all have the same script, in which someone exclaims how “open” a particular house is. I have watched some of those shows for amusement, just waiting for such an exclamation. If the house isn’t “open” enough for them, they may cross it off of their list, because it has “a kitchen from the 70s” or some other abomination.
    I dearly love my 1920s/1930s house. No open floor plan here!
    The chaos caused by your puppy added much to the podcast–and it’s great to see a photo of him. My two-year-old dog is just past that stage. We did puppy class at a pet store, and I’m very glad that we did.

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