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I had a great time last week interviewing the always creative and ever resourceful Federico Tobon for the podcast. Federico put up a blog post going into more detail on some of the things we talked about during the podcast, specifically the type of CNC router he uses (the ShapeOko 2 ), his social media rules, a video proving that he’s trained his cats (!), his hand sewn bike messenger bag and a shot of the LA Eco Village rooftop beehive.

We talked for hours before and after recording and could talk for many more. Topics of future conversations could include, for instance, the clever milk crate drawers below the ShapeOko 2 and the tool hanging method in the background. Federico needs to host a TV show.


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  1. You are very kind, thank you! Nice that you noticed the milk crates. I did make that table specifically to the size of the crates so they would function like drawers, it works reasonably well.
    Also, I think this is the incentive I needed to finally write that post about tool holders. I’m on it. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly and Erik I want to suggest our library to buy your book Making it, they have the first copy which I was happy about, my question is what is the difference between them so I can make a case why to get the other as well. .?

    • First, thank you! Our first book The Urban Homestead is a general guide to the movement. The second book Making It is more detailed and has a lot more step by step directions. If they can only afford one I’d say they should get Making It. I wish that I could donate copies but we don’t have any.

  3. We pay huge taxes so they can buy a copy for us, good worker deserves to be paid.
    So next when I see you I buy u lunch as exchange for knowledge:)
    Thank you for your answer, love you guys all the best to you.

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