011 Cleaning, Long Crowing Roosters and Water Storage

Kosova long crowing rooster chick. Image: Wikimedia.

Kosova long crowing rooster chick. Image: Wikimedia.

In the eleventh episode of the Root Simple Podcast, Kelly and I discuss our new house cleaning routine, long crowing roosters and we answer a reader question about emergency water storage.

Apartment Therapy post on cleaning: How to Clean Your House on 20 minutes a Day for 30 Days.

Erik references the importance of processing your inbox, an idea learned from a book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Long Crowing Roosters
The Wikipedia article on long crowing roosters.

A youtube playlist of long crowing roosters.

Musical break
“Banty Rooster Blues” by Charley Patton.

Listener Question: Water Storage for Emergencies
A correction to the podcast–the Food Safety Advisor is not free to download, but the information on water storage that I reference can be found here.

Amazon link to the water storage container we use.

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  1. Recent discoverer of Root Simple here, this is the best blog/podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading/listening. I’ve spent days already combing the archives. Fantastic stuff. Keep up the good work.

    • Funny you should mention this. I just arranged for author and chicken expert Terry Golson to be a guest on our podcast. She mentioned that she’d like to talk about a few poultry trends she is not a fan of–one those trends–rooster collars. I’ll make sure to ask here why she doesn’t like them. I’ve never heard of them.

  2. Good lord, that Kosovo rooster sounds like an old dial-up modem! I did like the heavy-metal mix, though.

    I’ve been listening to the audio cast since you launched it, and it’s one of my favorites! Thanks for putting it out there.

  3. Just a tip on water storage that we are using. We recycle our one-gallon glass wine jugs and refill with filtered water. We add 1/2 tsp. of collodial silver. Do the math on the collodial silver. There are many strengths available on the market. 10 PPM, 30 PPM, up to 500 PPM. Collodial silver is anti bacterial.

  4. It sounds really funny! I really didn’t know that this rooster sounds like this! I really like the audio! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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