083 Kris De Decker of Low Tech Magazine


Our guest this week is journalist Kris De Decker, the creator of Low Tech Magazine, a blog published in English, Dutch and Spanish that covers low tech solutions in great depth and detail. Without exaggeration, I think it’s safe to say it’s my favorite blog. On the podcast we discuss high tech problems, Catalan vaulting, fruit walls, Chinese wheelbarrows, open modular hardware, fireless cookers and alternate forms of the internet.

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  1. Fascinating! I loved reading about the fruit walls and the passive solar greenhouses. Thanks for bringing my attention to such well researched articles.

    • Kris is an amazing writer. We did this podcast in the hopes it would bring more people to his blog.

  2. Long time reader of RootSimple and Low-Tech and this was a great one.

    ***If anyone out there doesn’t know Kris’ work please listen.

    Now I am dealing with visions in my head of roads populated with only wheelbarrows and velomobiles, fruit walls on every street, neighborhood Internets, and fire-less cookers in every home.

    Please bring Kris back for another discussion! Cheers to the future.

  3. Really enjoyed this! I’ve been following Kris for a long time and I love him even more after this insight into his personality.

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