111 Cardoons, Medlars and Hipster Toilets

On the podcast this week, Kelly and I read and respond to listener questions and comments about cardoons, medlars and Toto’s Eco Promenade toilet! Here’s some links to the topics we rap about:

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  1. Since your original “Toilet Talk” post in 2015, where I commented that dh and I loved the Toto Drake we put in our master bath, we did spring to swap out the other two remaining 80s Kohler “low flow” toilets in our house for the same Toto Drake model. Zero regrets. The first Toto Drake is still holding up well, and the other two have been equally great in function. Just can’t recommend the brand enough. One caveat – we ordered via Amazon and TWICE received toilets with broken bowls. Third time was a charm, but leave room in your contractor scheduling plans for breakage if you have to order online.

    • Love the names of these toilets. Named after Sir Francis? And Ugh on broken crappers!

    • Sir Francis Drake? Dunno. Could be after a boy duck, no? (Too early to be after a consort of the dreaded Kardashians, but that would make for some giggles, now wouldn’t it lol)

    • I guess we should be thankful that Toto doesn’t have a line of golden Kardashian toilets . . .

  2. Cardoon and Artichoke are the same species, just one is bred for stalks and the other for flowers. Just like beats and chard are the same species bred for different parts. I havent tried eating the leaf stalks from my artichokes yet but they supposedly can be used just like cardoon just as the flowers on cardoon can be eaten. It is mostly a case of the production of large flowers is at the expense of quantity and size of stalks and vice versa. The flower stalks on the artichoke are delicious btw.

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