How to Put Together a Small Scale Solar System

How can you use solar panels to power a few lights, run a fountain or charge some tools? It seems like a simple question, and yet I can’t tell you how many books/magazines/websites I’ve combed through in search of a basic tutorial for anything less than wiring up a whole house. Now I know how thanks to a podcast conversation between Eric of Garden Fork and Will of the Weekend Homestead. Will describes how he rigged up a few panels and batteries to power lights and charge tools in his off-grid barn. Check out the show notes for the specific parts Will used to put together his system.

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  1. I like the idea and feel that this post should have some support via comments. Wish there was a bit more detail here (I tend to read/scan text, not watch/listen to video), but I like the motivation of small-scaling important technology.

    • Hey this is Will- post your questions here or send them to Erik or myself and I can answer them to my best ability. I am just a novice solar guy but I think I have a good handle on small scale systems


  2. The problem I always run into when putting together a small scale solar system is whether I should include Pluto or not.

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