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Between Kelly’s aortic dissection and my mom’s passing it’s been a difficult few months here at Root Simple. Eric Rochow of Garden Fork noticed that I haven’t put out a podcast episode in a long time and offered to interview me. So, on episode 101, you’ll hear Eric interviewing Erik about Root Simple, our books and my background. Despite the differences in the way we spell our names we have a lot in common! During the podcast we talk about:

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  1. This is the first podcast of yours that I have caught. I can barely hear you. This is the reason I have listened before now. I try and have to strain to hear. I can hear Eric just fine. This is not a critique of your voice or a comparison of your voice to his. But, maybe if you could bring the microphone closer to your mouth. He is much louder than you, even on the little graph or whatever at the bottom of the screen. I really enjoyed the podcast. I just still need to figure out how to hear the rest of your podcasts.

    I had an anthropology professor friend whose son was an artist/student. We went to the art people’s parties at his house. Those were fun parties even if we were 25 years older than the art students. Well, the profs there were only five years younger than we were.

    • Hi PP, Sorry about this–totally my fault–I wasn’t watching my levels and was mumbling at times. If I have some time I’ll re-edit and increase the volume on my part of the interview. I’m thinking of using some of the Patreon funds to get a compressor to prevent this problem in the future.

  2. I really appreciated this because I was unfamiliar with your background. Good info—Eric should do another interview and include Kelly if she’s feeling up to it.

    Always look forward to listening!

    • Thanks! And I agree–Kelly needs to be interviewed too but she wasn’t up for it when Eric was available.

  3. It just seemed you needed to sit closer to the mic. I don’t have headphones and this is the third laptop I have used. Lots of podcasts come in loud. This one never has. Actually, this is only the third podcast I have tried to listen to and only the first I did not turn off after two minutes. It was great! I enjoyed hearing about your history. I think that might be a great book, with you and Kelly both writing about your backgrounds.

    • I wasn’t watching my audio levels and I apologize. Thanks for listening!

  4. I really enjoyed this Eric and Erik podcast! Lots of good info. Looking forward to hearing an Eric, Erik, and Kelly podcast again.

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