Operation Firefly: Lighting Up the Night

operation firefly

There’s a common stereotype of the average bike rider. We tend to think of a privileged man wearing skin-tight, candy bar colored Lycra and riding a $5,000 Italian bicycle (not that there’s anything wrong with that–cycling is a great way to get exercise). But the reality in Los Angeles and many other big cities around the world is that the average rider is not someone who wants to ride a bike but is, instead, someone who must ride a bike either to get to work or to school. Which is why, when the days get short, I appreciate the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s Operation Firefly:

Operation Firefly/Operacíon Luciérnaga is an education and bike light distribution program intended to make sure people riding bikes in Los Angeles County are riding safely at night. Our Team Firefly volunteers flag down unlit riders, install lights, distribute informational spoke cards, and conduct a survey. Now in its fourth season, data from last year’s survey showed that 75% of light recipients use their bicycle as their main form of transportation. See last year’s fact sheet.

Please consider giving a donation. The ability to get around safely is a basic human right.

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  1. That is a GREAT project. GREAT idea.

    I cycle for transportation because my husband and I share a car. We don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on a second car. I pretty much never cycle for strictly exercise–its just a bonus–and don’t even own any stretchy pants! 🙂 I had two weeks there recently where the batteries went flat on both my headlight and taillight and I kept forgetting about it until I had to cycle home in the dark–and I felt so naked! Nobody could see me! This is great. I am going to share this with some of my cycling friends, too.

  2. I think all this lights will just contribute to light pollution, adversely affecting people in the desert who just want to look at stars. I don’t support Firefly for this reason, but I support bikes.

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