Protected Bike Lanes

It’s well past time to begin the conversation in this country about fully protected bike lanes like they have in Europe. Far too many bikes languish in the garage because our cities feel like a game of Frogger.

Right hooks–what happens when a distracted motorist turns right and hits a cyclist going straight–are one of the main objections to protected bike lanes. This proposal from the George Mason University 2014 Cameron Rian Hays Outside the Box Competition addresses the right hook problem.

This type of infrastructure will make intersections safer for all including motorists.

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  1. I used to try to think of ways to improve peoples driving, now I’m just waiting for self driving cars, I think those will have a bigger impact sooner than anything else.

  2. There is nothing anyone can argue against the message-proposal of this video. Nothing.

    I personally gave up trying to ride a bicycle on the North Side of Chicago because I had fallen from the potholes and been pushed and knocked down by motorists and pedestrians so many times.

  3. A great idea, it’s sad that the solution can be such a simple one, but the impediment is the political will to make changes. I’m one of the fortunate who has an exclusive bike path for part of my commute, the difference between that path and city streets (even quiet ones) never ceases to amaze me.

  4. After watching the video, it also means no more right turn lane, except on major streets (if then) and I wonder how well large vehicles will be able to maneuver, they need some of that buffer to turn right. A nifty idea, but I suspect you will only be able to implement it as part of a very large scale makeover.

  5. I’ve been seeing this float around for the past few weeks and finally watched it. I take kids out on bike rides because its too dangerous for them to ride alone, but this would make my job obsolete in the best way! Oh Kansas City Public Works, I’ve got another annoying bikey thing to bother you about…

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