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  1. I saw an hour-long video about this, but it focused on one neighborhood where the bikers took back their streets. I think they just protested and refused to allow cars though. The children had nowhere else to play because they lived in apartments. Of course, it was during this period, maybe in the 79s.

    The bike lane in front of my house is ludicrous. It is narrow, uneven pavement at the gutter, and we park cars there and stack limbs. My child would be instructed to stay away from it.

  2. Seattle is experiencing bicycle paths and are actually leaning toward the cyclists & Bikers (motorcycles) preferences for safety. The Washington area has a HUGE cyclist population. I was amazed to see so many cyclists on the back roads and walkers also. But then again, it is a state that thrives on it’s tourism. That was an odd bit of trivia I’m glad you shared. Historical odd stuff I like. Why is it so hard to find historical farming vids, I wonder.

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