How to Lock a Bike

The interwebs have produced an unlikely phenomenon, a bike locking celebrity. Meet Hal Ruzal of Bicycle Habitat in Manhattan. Hal, as usual, has some great bike locking advice, meets up with international fans and critiques the bike locking style of fashion blogger George Hahn, the most dapper man on a bike I’ve ever seen.

Keep those bikes well locked!

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  1. Hmm. This particular episode (I haven’t seen any others) is mainly a critique of others’ techniques for locking a bike. Most is common sense, though. Lock both wheels, lock the seat and lock the frame to something that won’t move. He gave extra props for those who used heavier duty chains or cables, which is good.

    He didn’t mention locking other accessories. When I was in school up at Chico State, I left a quick release headlamp on my handlebars all weekend after meeting a new, ahem, friend one Friday night from whom I could not (did not want to) leave. (She was a fun time!) Needless to say, a new headlight was the cost of that fine memory.

    What I’d really like to learn best practices about are how to lock up a bike in various scenarios such as no bike rack, or locking up at a strip mall (not much scaffolding around here in the south bay), or how to lock a bike with a trailer, or a bike with a trail-a-bike attached. Or, maybe I just make my own bike locking videos. Time to buy some pink socks?

    • Hey Rob,

      You should definitely make your own bike locking videos. New York is very different then the conditions we have here in Cali. And you make a good point about taking off lights (especially if you “get lucky”).

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