024 Water, Wilding our Gardens and Sewing


Kelly and I return this week to discuss a recent talk I gave to a bunch of Master Gardeners about water harvesting and encouraging wildness in our gardens. On the second part of the podcast Kelly discusses the process of learning how to sew. During the first part of the podcast Erik mentions:

In the sewing portion of the podcast, Kelly talks about:

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  1. Amen Sister!!! I hate shopping for clothes at the stores, nothing fits right and the colors are not what I like. A few years ago I had a little cash and decided to go clothes shopping with my husband in tow. Nothing fitted and I just hated the fabrics, the colors and styles. I addition the prices where ridiculous for anything I even remotely liked.

    I left the mall frustrated, after a couple of weeks I remembered my mom teaching me the basics of sewing so I went to the fabric store, got some patterns and fabric and started sewing. I had a lot of hits as misses, but in general once a year I will buy enough fabric to make about 5 or 6 blouses a couple of skirts and that coupled with my blue jeans I end up with my “uniform” for the year. It is simple… no more guess work in the morning. I just put on a sweater in cold mornings and maybe some heavy stockings if it is really cold and done!

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