017 Heirloom Expo Recap


On the seventeenth episode of the Root Simple Podcast Kelly and Erik discuss Erik’s recent trip to the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California. Some of the things and people we mention during the podcast:

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  1. how about yarrow as a substitute for comfrey (assuming your looking to comfrey as a dynamic accumulator)? yarrow seems to do ok on lesser amounts of water, among its other great properties…

  2. Hey Erik,
    A friend turned me onto to your great RootSimple podcast.

    Glad you enjoyed my “Discover Rare Fruit!” talk at the Nat. Heirloom Expo this summer. Sorry i missed your talk with Rachel and Trathen. So many great talks and displays there!

    I work with Larry Santoyo as a guest presenter at his City of Angels Permaculture courses, my next time being Dec 6/7. I will talk on the evolution of fruit, history, discovering and preserving old fruit trees, food forests, companion/guild plantings, propagation, do a rare fruit fruit tasting… Mmmmmm- the usual unusual stuff.

    Everyone is invited to explore more about fruits and productive perennial polycultures on my website:
    cornucopiafoodforest.com and/or follow me on Twitter: @ValenzuelaJohn

    Thanks again.
    Keep it juicy!

    • John,
      Your lecture at the Heirloom Expo was amazing! I’d love to have you on the podcast!

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