047 Done is Better Than Perfect


Our guest this week is my East Coast doppelganger, Eric Rochow of Gardenfork.tv (who also interviewed me on GardenFork Radio episode 377). Eric covers all kinds of DIY topics: everything from gardening, to beekeeping to slow cooking to, well, just about anything you can think of. He also produces an excellent podcast. During our interview we discuss:

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  1. Great to hear the other side of the Erik & Eric show. The comment about tapping trees in the winter (gets pretty boring around here …) made me think about seed start. I got onto seed starting a year ago and this year I went full out into it. I live in Alberta and we have a long winter as well so by February I’m itching to do something with plants. I have most of my garden plants and flowers started from seed this year.

    The toaster podcast was one that really got me hooked on Root Simple. I’ve been thinking about durable products a lot lately since our tea kettle is now breaking after only having for a year. I pulled out an old stove top one we had and I’m enjoying the simplicity of it. It takes a bit longer to boil (even on a gas stove) but its so simple and easy to use. No electronics, all mechanical. I love the idea of the delta toast but for a family (even a single guy) doing only one piece of bread at a time is slow.

    Thanks again! Look forward to future podcasts and hopefully more like this one.

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