Renting and Homesteading

College student Sheila Cassani transformed her rental unit in Oakland California into a beautiful garden space she calls Kansas Street Farm. She’s turned a small space into a productive paradise with fruits, vegetables, chickens and bees.

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  1. Wow! This is very inspiring! We can’t keep chickens in our municipality (booooo!), but there is still much to learn from this young woman’s example. Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is fantastic (especially like the fly trap – mental note). I was waiting and waiting to find out what the landlord thinks, and she finally mentions that at the end but I would have liked to know more. Whoever it is wins landlord of the year in my book. Thought it was funny that the landlord liked the set-up because it increased the property value. I feel like it’s usually the opposite, that they either don’t let you touch the property at all or else say no to anything other than a couple of rose bushes.

    I’m a renter too and so wish I could do this. Alas I’m in a 40-unit apartment building and the building super has his own landscaping vision that can be summed up by rockscapes and Round-up. So we’re limited to kitchen herbs (and a community garden plot).

  3. What an enthusiastic young lady.She certainly has vision and determination.
    I love her garden and the fact that it’s in a rented house.

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