Introducing #ArtShopaholism and #BiblioShopaholism

I feel the need to introduce two new (I think) hashtags with a related vibe to #Procrastibaking–that bad habit where you bake some elaborate cookie/cake/ instead of cooking a healthy dinner or cleaning the house.

#ArtShopaholism: Not actually making art but, instead, shopping and/or obsessing over art supplies. I’ve found drawing useful, but it’s a skill you have to practice in order to get any good at. To counter this I’m only allowing myself to draw with whatever crappy ballpoint pen I have on me. No thinking about, buying or obsessing over having the “right” pen pencil or sketchpad.

#BiblioShopaholism: Shopping for books rather than:

A) Picking them up at the public library.
B) Reading.

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  1. The Cats with Chequebooks video was absolutely the best thing I’ve watched in ages. That was peak English behavior in totally the best sense of the meaning. It truly made my day! Thank you so much for providing a link that will make a lot of people smile and feel better.

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