134 Eric of Garden Fork on Mental Decluttering, Washing Machine Repair and More!

On the 134th episode of the podcast we talk to DIYer, YouTuber and podcaster Eric Rochow of Garden Fork TV on some eclectic DIY notions and projects including why he’s quitting beekeeping, mental decluttering, washing machine repair, print making and more.ing,

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  1. As always, I enjoy these chats. Over time, I have come to the conclusion that it is OK to be expansive in buying equipment to try new things, giving them a real go, then letting go of the things that don’t take. I also let go of my carboys. But other things have stuck. I think I have canned something every year since 2006. I still ferment things. I still garden and use all the stuff. You don’t know until you dabble enough and have sufficient exposure to decide which things to pursue and which things to move on from. I finally let all my backpacking gear go after a decade had passed since my last trip.

    • Thank you Kyle for listening. Funny thing is that I’ve got backpacking gear I haven’t used in ten years . . .

  2. Another very enjoyable Erik and Eric podcast! I under stand about the beekeeping. I have a garden, plenty of space and love honey, but I’ve never succumbed to keeping bees because it’s time and energy I’d just rather put somewhere else. And re: the washing machine repair – yes! Mine goes for quarters. I have lost track of the times my partner has had to make that repair.

  3. Great podcast! Love hearing that you are both letting go of the projects that ‘aren’t fun anymore’ as you have given me permission to do the same without guilt! LOL No seriously, it helps to have others confirm my own thoughts. And thanks for providing links to the subjects you both spoke of. I will check them out.

  4. Loving the minimalist podcast, need to be more minimal but struggle with the concept… 🙁 so difficult for me. Need to listen again and get serious.

    thanks for the great links

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