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This week on the Root Simple Podcast we’re featuring the first half hour of another podcast we think you should subscribe to: Opposable Thumbs. Hosts Taylor Hokanson and Rob Ray interview a guest each week who issues a creative challenge to the next guest on the podcast. Think of it as kind of a maker game show. We’re simulcasting the first half hour of episode #10 on which Kelly and I tackle the challenge, “creating problems.” To find out what we did you’ll; have to listen to the podcast.


Hint: it involves seed balls, payloads and explosives. To listen to the rest of the show head over to Opposable Thumbs #10 or subscribe to the show in iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher. The show is also the first time we’ve ever been involved in a conversation about alien autopsies and the Cisco hold music.  We also discuss:

If you want to leave a question for the Root Simple Podcast please call (213) 537-2591 or send an email to [email protected]. You can subscribe to our podcast in the iTunes store and on Stitcher. The theme music is by Dr. Frankenstein. Additional music by Rho. A downloadable version of this podcast is here.





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  1. Just listened to the whole thing and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the mention! I built a sous vide contraption with some cheap Chinese electronics some time ago, hooked it up to a slow cooker and made some nice runny eggs. It didn’t have a recirculating pump so I’ve been lusting after one of the things in the market now. I’m curious about your experience. One thing I want to try is garlic pickles, I’ve never got those to be crunchy enough with regular lacto-fermentation. 😉

    • Thanks–would love to have you on our podcast sometime.

      I love the sous vide but Kelly is skeptical. I’ve made some decent fish and eggs with it and plan on some more experiments. And this contraption has gone mainstream. Actually saw it for sale at Target.

  2. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what was going on here. Aliens? Receipts? Poems? Raspberry pie? Utterly lost as to what they were trying to achieve.

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