053 Breakfast Nook Theory


On this week’s podcast Kelly and I discuss our recent breakfast nook remodel and conclude with Kelly’s ideas about how to choose paint colors. I’m so lucky to have a resident Master of Fine Arts! We’re also lucky to have a digital copy of Architectural Graphics Standards!

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  1. re: length of podcasts

    i think you should just let the discussions flow until it seems like they should end. sometimes a deep dive is great and you both have a ton to offer. the guests are great too and you should allow the discussion to flow without excessive amounts of concern over time limits…

    60 min +/- 10 min if a quantitative measure is needed…

    RE: topics
    how about diving into the applications of permaculture in urban areas?

    keep up the great blog and podcasts!

    • Hey Sweet DD,
      Thanks for the feedback! And you are right, we are way overdue for a permaculuture guest. I’ve been meaning to ask Larry Santoyo.

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