099 The Amazing Sourdough Breads of Guy Frenkel


Guy Frenkel is one of the most talented bakers I’ve met. If you’ve seen his whole grain, sourdough breads in Instagram (@Ceorbread) and Facebook you’ll know why I had to interview him. During the podcast we talk about his unique baking techniques such as yeast water, stencils and colored doughs. Even if you’re not a baker you’ll be inspired by Guy’s enthusiasm, persistence and creativity. Here are the links Guy mentions:

Guy’s social media: @Ceorbread in Instgram, Ceor Bread Facebook, Guy Frenkel in Facebook.

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  2. While I really enjoyed this podcast, I’m still at a loss as to whether or not I would prefer home milled flour. I feel like it is really a question as to what about home bread baking you like. Like with the comparisons given, I only like coffee as a vehicle for caffeine and cream, hence freshly ground beans are meaningless. My spaghetti sauce is low and slow cooked, about 8 hours when from a can, about 24 hours from fresh tomatoes, the taste isn’t different.
    I like the control of my own produce and whatnot, but it’s not a matter of taste.

    I come across a similar issue when talking about warm bread. 90% of the reason I bake bread is to eat warm bread. So while I understand why you shouldn’t cut into a hot loaf from a scientific standpoint, in the end, I would rather eat warm bread.

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