057 Winnetka Farms Part 2


On the podcast this week we continue our conversation with Craig Ruggless who, along with his husband Gary Jackemuk, runs Winnetka Farms in Los Angeles’ San Fernando valley. In last week’s podcast, episode 56, we talked about Italian vegetables. This week Craig tells us about his double-laced Barnevelder chickens, Muscovy ducks and we complain about our mutual problems with rats and racoons.

If you’d like to stay in touch with Craig you can find him at The Kitchen at Winnetka Farms.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of this interview. Craig and Gary seem to be doing a lot of the same things I’m trying on a small suburban lot, and Craig did not speak too scientifically or over my head. Very informative.

  2. I love this podcast- so interesting! By the way- I vote for an hour long podcast! I have an hour long commute and this podcast is my special treat once a week! A shorter podcast doesn’t work as well-leaves me with a only commercial radio for the remainder of the hour ugh!

    • Thanks Helen–we’ll try to make them all close to an hour. I have the same issue with the podcasts I listen to–an hour seems about right.

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