Hens in the Orchard for Pest Control


Photo: hencam.com

Author Terry Golson, who blogs at HenCam.com, sent along a great pest control tip in response to our thrip post–chickens, of course!

Chickens and orchards go together like gin and tonic. The hens take care of pests, clean up rotten fruit, add nitrogen to the soil and the canopy of the orchard protects the hens from hawks and heat. Plus you get eggs and meat. Permaculture in action.

The 1920s era photo you see above comes from one of Terry’s posts, Chickens in Orchards.

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  1. If you click on the link, you can see live-streaming hen and goat cams. I sat some days and just watched the hens and goats. One time, today, I clicked on the red hen to the left and found the cams. Another time, the cams were just there. This site is very entertaining and will inspire you to go get hens. There was a bunny living in the hen house, but I did not see the bunny this time.

    I discovered my hens had been going down to the neighbor’s house on the other end of the block. I apologized, horrified that my hens might ruin her perfect yard. She assured me they could come down and eat bugs any day.

  2. This photos makes me want more chickens. Sigh. I would totally be a chicken hoarder.

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