045 Whole Grain Baking


In episode 45, Kelly and Erik discuss whole grain baking, specifically a workshop the Los Angeles Bread Bakers put on featuring the very talented Dave Miller. The picture is of the bread Dave baked in the workshop. Clockwise from upper left: einkorn, sonora wheat, charcoal wheat and spelt/rye. Miller was featured prominently in Michael Pollan’s book Cooked. During the show we mention:

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  1. I am curious WHY he uses such a dry starter? What does he see as the disadvantage of the 50/50, water/flour sourdough starter?

    • He said that in his experience a dry starter is more vigorous. He admitted that he hadn’t proved this in a lab, but it’s hard to argue with success. He’s able to use flours that I have had trouble with, such as Sonora, using a liquid starter.

  2. Regarding the theme music: I miss it! The podcast felt a bit “unanchored” without it, in my humble opinion. I like the way Dr. Frankenstein has served as your audio bookends on past shows. Is it just me, or do other listeners miss it, too?

    • Thanks for the feedback Michael. I’ll put it back in. To be honest, I was short of time this week.

  3. Two comments. Miss the music. Where’s the shaping video? OK. That’s comment and a question. Hope that video makes an appearance somewhere soon. Keep up the great work on the podcast.

  4. Possibly helpful: the Belgian starter method is described in detail in Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book (my 1984 edition anyway). And I miss the music.

  5. Great show. I’ve been really curious about Dave Miller and his baking since reading Michael Pollan but California is too far (although I do love California!) from me in Australia, so any information is really helpful. Any pictures or videos from your workshop, that you were willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the podcast.

    Oh…And I like the theme music. It gives the listener that time to anticipate, prepare and focus.

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