044 Daniel Kent: Cabin Dweller’s Textbook

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Our guest this week is Daniel Kent, creator of the Cabin Textbook Dweller’s Textbook and Dean of Beverages at the Institute of Domestic Technology. In our first outdoor podcast (recorded in the mountains near a creek) Kelly, Daniel and I discuss:

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  1. Dear Kelly:

    I love your podcast and blog, I think that you have some amazing ideas and a lot of those I have implemented in my own home, specially the whole tiding up series, I have gone through my house in a storm of cleaning.

    As I listened to this podcast I found myself slightly irritated with you… or maybe I is just me, You keep talking about wool, and how great it is as opposed to the plastic fabrics and I can not help but wonder if you aware aware of how this wonderful wool you talk about is obtained? The sheep are tortured and handled in such a horrific way that I have stopped even considering wool as a viable source of warmth for my family and I. You are very informed and smart and compassionate so maybe you are talking about humanely sourced wool, and if you are why not say so? And if you do not know, take a moment to look it up. There is a you tube channel called “bite size vegan” where you can see how wool is obtained. The lady on the channel is a little wacky, but the information is very valuable.

    Other wise I lovey your podcast and look forward to it every week.

    Thank You!

  2. Selene,

    You are right–we must insist on humanely raised wool products, support ethical farmers, buy used wool, and fight to change the industry at large.

    This is an important fight, because the alternatives to wool–polyester fiber like microfleece–are an environmental nightmare which are permanently degrading our water and soil.

  3. You can also get clear ice cubes by boiling the water for a few minutes before you freeze. That will drive off any dissolved gases.

  4. Cowboy coffee!!! I was so happy to hear it mentioned. I grew up with this way of making coffee in Northern Germany (mistakenly called Turkish coffee there) and have been proselytizing for brewing coffee straight in the cup for years. I converted my whole studio to this method : ) No extra gear needed; just a cup, grounds, and hot water. And the coffee tastes great.

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