103 Ugly Little Greens with Mia Wasilevich


Our guest this week is chef and forager Mia Wasilevich. Mia is the founder of Transitional Gastronomy and teaches culinary workshops, wild-food identification and food styling. She was a featured consultant on “Master Chef” and “Top Chef.” She is also the author of a brand new book, “Ugly Little Greens: Gourmet Dishes Crafted from Foraged Ingredients.” During the show we discuss:

  • How she got started cooking.
  • Mia’s new book Ugly Little Greens.
  • Eating invasives.
  • Working with mustard.
  • Elderflower ghee.
  • Nettle aid.
  • Mallow.
  • Currants.
  • Working with acorns.
  • Lambsquarters.
  • Meal planning.
  • Fish sauce.
  • James Townsend and Two Fat Ladies.
  • Mia’s website Transitional Gastronomy.
  • Cottonwood Urban Farm.

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  1. Psst… they’re spelled ‘currants’. :^)

    LOVED this interview, my elderflower is coming into bloom and now I’m hungry!

  2. I did not listen to this, but I have one thought that I thought a few days ago–I need someone to show me which of my abundance of weeds is edible! Surely, I could eat greens every day from the yard.

  3. I discovered this spring that lambquarters do not agree with me. In a throwing up ’til dry heaves with diarrhea kind of way. Which is sad, but it helped explain a few other systems purge of unknown origin over the years. The goats have no problem eating them at least!

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