040 Natural Beekeeper Kirk Anderson


Our guest on the podcast is the one and only Kirk Anderson, a natural, no-treatment beekeeper and our mentor. Kirk tells a lot of funny stories and shares his wisdom on how to keep bees in a big city. During the podcast we discuss:

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  1. Thanks Michael for letting me know–I made a mistake with the feed. It should show up in a few hours at most. Hope you are staying warm!

    • Yep, episode 040 showed up! I’m looking forward to listening, as always.

      As for keeping warm, it is a balmy six degrees Celsius tonight! Spring has sprung. I’ve enjoyed communing with cardinals, blue jays, chipmunks, squirrels (red, black and grey), and turkey vultures (well, watching the latter) for the past couple of days. I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors soon!

  2. This was a great episode! I have heard a few other interviews with Kirk, but this by far has been the most enjoyable. I am going to listen again on my walk to work this morning since last night there were two kids running through the house and I couldn’t always hear everything. Keep up the great work you are doing there at the Root Simple Compound!!

  3. Loved the podcast! Thank you so much. I love working with Kirk. I took classes with Kirk and Walker and learned how to trap my own bees. They are in my backyard as we speak crazy busy. I will be harvesting some honey this weekend.

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