109 Doubt is Our Product: Bees, Chemicals and Academia


How do chemical companies influence university scientists? Who pays for research? Why did the California State Beekeeping Association oppose legislation that would have required labeling neonicotinoid treated nursery plants? These are just a few of the controversial questions covered in this week’s episode of the podcast. My guests are Stacy Malkan co-director of US Right to Know and beekeeper Terry Oxford of Urban Bee San Francisco. Links:

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  1. Just tried to go to the usrtk website and my fox fire said the website is not secure and blocked it. I would really love sign up for the newsletter. but for some reason foxfire does not recognize the config of the website. Please pass this on to the usrtk folks so that they can resolve it as many foxfire users might be blocked due to some minor website security setting… I’ll check back later to see if it has been corrected.

  2. Also wanted to thank you for the informative podcast. Just discovered Root Simple via Youtube video Kirsten Dirksen uploaded in 2013 – Self Reliance LA. Thank you again.

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