013 Keeping Chickens with Terry Golson of Hencam.com

Image: Hencam.com.

Image: Hencam.com.

On the thirteenth episode of the Root Simple Podcast we talk to chicken expert and author Terry Golson. Terry fields chicken questions from all over the world through her blog hencam.com where, as the name implies, you can watch her hens live through the interwebs.

One of the main points Terry makes during the podcast is that chickens have not really been bred to live long and that they start to get health problems after two years of age. When I solicited questions for this podcast, sure enough, most of the questions were related to health. By the way, I think I managed to ask Terry all the questions–many thanks to the listeners and blog readers who sent them in.

During the interview Terry mentions:

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  1. Re: Vaccines… here in the south we have problems with Fowl Pox, especially if you have mosquitoes in the summer. I don’t know if it’s as big a problem in the north but I’ve seen a lot of birds around here have problems.

  2. For the next podcast – I’ve been considering growing buckwheat both as a cover crop for soil improvement and as chicken feed. However, I’ve heard conflicting info about buckwheat being poisonous to chickens; some say it is, other say it’s not. Can you clarify?

  3. I’ve had cause to try Terry’s chicken spa this week, but while my sick hen seems to enjoy it, the treatment doesn’t appear to be helping her health and I fear I may have cause to do my first necropsy soon. Very sad to be losing my funny feathered friend, but it helps that I recently listened to this podcast and have fresh understanding of chicken sickness.
    I grew buckwheat last summer to use as chicken food but my chickens were completely disinterested. Not bothering again, as I don’t particularly like buckwheat myself and what a palaver to hull them!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your sick chicken friend. Sending you and her all my best thoughts.

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