Starting a Sourdough Starter Talk at Artisinal LA


I’ll be doing a short talk at Artisinal LA this Sunday October 13th at 4pm on how to start a sourdough starter. Artisinal LA (yep, the “A” word) is a showcase of local small food vendors. In case you’re not in LA this is what I’ll be demonstrating:

Mark Stambler, who co-founded the LA Bread Bakers with me and Teresa Sitz, will also be doing a talk on baking bread at 4pm on Saturday.

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  1. Can you post a list of reliable sources of ancient wheat flours? I have read and believe the claims in the book “Wheat Belly” and I am looking for sources for wheat I can use to bake my own bread, especially baguettes.

    Love your blog and look forward to it’s arrival in my mailbox.

    Thank you for your attention.

    • Hi Madeline, When I hear “ancient grain” I think of grains with only two sets of chromosomes. Einkorn is the easiest to find. If you’re in LA a new mill is opening: Grist and Toll in Pasadena. They will have lots of interesting grains to work with. If not, Einkorn can be found in some health food stores as well as on the internet.

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