Bee Hotel

From an old beekeeping book (thanks Steve!),  How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey:

This is probably the finest bee hive in the world. It was built by E. S. Williams, St. Petersburg, Florida, who spent 6 months constructing it. It holds two standard 10 frame hive bodies and a bottom board. The second story lifts off for hive manipulations. It is wired for 110 volt current, has window shades and curtains. The front plastic doors swing easily and fit snugly. There is a flag pole, also a sign, that is not pictured here. This has been displayed at the Kentucky and Florida State Fairs. It is unusual items like this that make a few fair exhibits stand out.

 Not sure the bees appreciate that electricity.

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  1. I’ll show this to my bee keeping neighbour. It clearly shows that he could be making far more effort with his hives.

  2. Dunno about the electricity, but I bet the bees really liked the window shades and curtains. Otherwise, imagine thousands of Kentuckian and Floridian fair-goers oogling at you through the windows all day. Sheesh.

  3. Being a beekeeper, I was very interested in this post. But being a beekeeper, I have to wonder what it looked like after the bees got done with it! 🙂

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