Bees Like Mochi

This viral video proves two things:

1. Bees like sugar.

2. Foraging bees aren’t likely to sting.

And I love the way this street vendor keeps on working. If this were the US, there’d be a major freak out, the fire and health departments would be called and an exterminator would show up to spray poison. If you keep calm and carry on you get your mochi and the bees get a free lunch.

Thanks to Winnetka Farms for the tip. 

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  2. Wow China is still pretty amazing I guess. The mochi she is making is black sesame and the one to the right of it says white sesame. The first time I was stung by a bee was actually an innocent foraging bee. I was eating a pbj sandwich and the bee flew into the back of my throat as I took a bite and stung me in the back of my throat.

  3. I would eat this street-food with no worries – other than not hurting the bees as I brushed them away before taking a bite.

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