Online Beekeeping Talk for Pasadena Grows

Hey all I’m doing an Zoom talk on beekeeping this Saturday March 6th at 10:30 AM PST. It’s freeeeeeeeeee and you can sign up here. I’m going to review basic honey bee biology and then get into the techniques of “Backwards” a.k.a. “natural,” a.k.a. “no-treatment” beekeeping, a.k.a. “bee-having” as the trolls call it. Hope to see some of you this Saturday!

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  1. It was very cool, thank you! I enjoyed the focus on simple bee-having rather than elaborate keeping, and the idea that I could maybe put out some boxes and luck my way into a hive was neat.

    • Thanks for joining the zoom! And, yeah, it gets down to what Kirk taught me that the bees know how to run their own house better than I do.

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