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  1. Wow cool news story. I really wish that we were allowed to keep bees in our city but they have written it into the codes that bees are a ‘nuisance’.

  2. Wow. That is very cool. “Backward is the new forward.” – I love it!

    I am a tad shocked (though perhaps I shouldn’t be) that the city recommended exterminating them amidst the growing concern over the loss of bees.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, education is really important when it comes to bees. I believe that grassroots outreach like that of the Backwards Beekeepers is essential when it comes to outdated city codes and fearful public perception. In my experience local politicians are generally very responsive to large numbers or loosely organized citizens with good intentions.

    @ Erin R. maybe there’s a club in your area that you could get involved with – or start your own if you are ambitious. Beekeepers are some of the most interesting people you’ll meet.

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