Many thanks to all of you who have ordered books from us. We were able to get the books out yesterday via our wondrous Xtracycle with a boost from the US Postal Service. And also, a note to our contributors–thanks and your books are in the mail as well. For those of you thinking of ordering some we have more available!

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  1. I picked up a copy of the book today at Vromans. I’d been meaning to order a copy but hadn’t done it yet. Once I saw it on the shelf, though, I had to go for the instance gratification. I’ve only read a little bit so far but highly recommend it.

  2. That is, I highly recommend it to your other blog readers. Obviously you two probably don’t need to re-read it again so soon.

  3. I too saw your book and at first glance thought that finally the PTF family had written a book about their urban homestead. Flipping through the pages…
    Unless I missed it, I can’t believe your book failed to list a reference to the PTF folks whose longtime urban homesteading project is a fine example for all us city dwellers. Not to mention their website is the most influential and in-depth site out there in terms of urban sustainability-homesteading. Living in LA I can’t believe you haven’t heard of them!

  4. Sorry to be in the dark zanygrrlrocks, but what is the PTF family?

    Never heard of ‘um…


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