Build a Sawdust Toilet

SurviveLA would never have guessed that the composting toilet could provide such a great outlet for aesthetic innovation!. Thankfully you can build your own for less than $25 (pdf instructions).

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  1. alright.
    i have the bin ready, a bale of straw nearby, the bucket toilet built and in the upstairs john, a bag of recycled crushed cocoa shells (nice huh) ready for cover.

    just need to “visit someone who is doing this in an urban setting” to convince the wife.

    anyone? clearly this process en masse could make a huge difference. less water use, less water pollution, less chlorine everywhere. and MORE FERTILE SOIL. (less petroleum based fertilizers to kill land and drain off into state sized dead spots at the end of mississippiiiiiiii.

    let’s see if it works!

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