Learn How to Compost Via the Humanure Handbook

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure, Third EditionComposting ain’t rocket science but it does require some finesse. Following up on an earlier post which contained a comparison of different composters, I thought I’d mention my favorite written resource on how to compost. In my opinion, the best writing on the subject comes from a surprising source, the Humanure Handbook by Joeseph Jenkins. Best of all, an edition of this book is available online for free. Even if you have no intention of composting human waste, The Humanure Handbook contains excellent directions on how to easily maintain a hot n’ healthy compost pile. You can access the free edition here. Jenkins also has a bunch of great how-to videos here.

On the subject of humanure, news coverage of the terrible cholera outbreak in Haiti only gets half of the story. I keep hearing the press refer to the problem as one of a “lack of access to clean water.” True, but the other half of the problem is what Jenkin’s Humanure book is about, keeping human waste out of waterways in the first place and turning it into a resource rather than a disposal problem.

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  1. We have a copy of his book sitting next to our composting toilet for guests to read when they visit. Starts some interesting conversations.

  2. I too have had GREAT success following Jenkin’s method. Best information I’ve read about composting.

  3. There are many people working hard to deal with the issue of human waste and contaminated water in Haiti, including an organization called Youthaiti (www.youthaiti.org) and its Haitian counterpart OJPDD, which help build dry composting toilets in rural Haiti and teach about sanitation, gardening, and reforestation. Check it out!

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