A Straw Bale Urinal

straw bale urinal

L’Uritonnoir, a plug-in straw-bale urinal. Photograph: Faltazi

At the risk of becoming a blog entirely about urine and straw bales, Anne Hars alerted me to an article in the Guardian, “L’Uritonnoir: the straw bale urinal that makes compost from ‘liquid gold’” about French design studio Faltazi’s plug-in straw bale urinal.

The device comes as a flat polypropylene sheet, which is folded into shape and slotted together, then threaded on a looping band around the bale, its funnel wedged deep into the centre of the straw to channel the fluid to the composting core. A deluxe version is also available in stainless steel – presumably for the VIP bale urinal area.

L'uritonnoir by faltazi

According to the article, Faltazi’s straw bale urinal will debut this summer at the French heavy metal festival Hellfest.

Ladies will have to pack their funnels.

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  1. An interesting idea but, again, wouldn’t one of those long-necked auto supply funnels accomplish the same thing? If the target wasn’t big enough it seems like a gallon milk jug with the bottom cut away could funnel into the funnel with just a bit of duct tape.

    • *Mrs. H sighs, rolls her eyes, and tries to foster a more mature environment for discussion*

      The milk carton mod is a good idea. Interestingly enough, someone else suggested using a cut up milk jug on my Lady Funnel post at almost exactly the same time as you made this comment. The two comments were next to each other in the comment queue we see as admins. Great minds, and all that… anyway, I’m thinking of using a milk jug funnel in conjucntion with the bales somehow.

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  3. They are going to use this at a music festival? A little pee on the compost doesn’t bother me, but those straw bails are going to be truly disgusting, I hope they will be located in their permanent home and no one will have to try and pick up the rotting, sun baked,soaking wet bales. Yuck.

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