010 Erica Strauss of Northwest Edible Life


In episode 10 of the Root Simple Podcast, Kelly and I have a conversation with Erica Strauss, professional chef turned gardener and self described urban homesteading fanatic. Her voluminous and amazing blog Northwest Edible Life offers practical advice on a wide variety of topics: food preservation, gardening, keeping livestock in urban spaces, kitchen tips and home economic hacks. Some of the many topics we touch on in the interview include:

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Trading our Home for a Dome


Last week a local blog posted a real estate listing for an unusual dome house not far from where we live. There’s a few of these 70s-80s relics in the LA area. This one is worth about as much as our house. I pondered, for about ten minutes, the thought of trading out our stodgy 1920s bungalow for a geodesic fantasy.

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Getting Started With Succulents Free eBook


We had a great time at the Museum of Natural History this past Friday along with the 200 people who lined up to plant succulents in thrift store mugs in our booth. Kelly wrote up a nice eBook, Getting Started With Succulents (note that it’s geared towards our climate in Los Angeles but there’s a lot of good general information on propagation). There’s even info on how to drill a hole in a ceramic cup or pot (when you drill 200 of them you get pretty good at it!). You can download the eBook here.

Saturday Linkages: Life on a Boat, Nature and the Bicycle Lobby

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Shinrin-yoku: “Forest Bathing” — I’ve always done it, but only now do I find out that it’s a thing in Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_bathing …

Tracing Sriracha’s Origin to a Seaside Town in Thailand http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/374917/the-origin-of-sriracha/ …

Rio de Janeiro puts QR codes in its mosaic pavements | via @Telegraph http://fw.to/21XRalO

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Kitchen island turned custom bar – IKEA Hackers http://po.st/ORsHMe 

Satirical “Bicycle Lobby” Twitter Account Fakes Out Media Giants http://usa.streetsblog.org/2014/07/22/satirical-bicycle-lobby-twitter-account-fakes-out-media-giants/#.U9KBjysVgyk.twitter …

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