Weekend Linkages: New Year, New Links

The Kept and the Killed

2023 Top 10 of Olden Tymee Cook Books on Sandwiches of History⁣

2023 Top 10 Worst Sandwiches on Sandwiches of History⁣

The San Francisco Bay’s Red Rock Island is for sale for $25M

Headlights Seem Brighter?

Jan. 18, 1968: Eartha Kitt Spoke Truth at the White House

Blood, Guns, and Broken Scooters: Inside the Chaotic Rise and Fall of Bird

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  1. Hi We moved from the Valley two years ago after we retired. We have kept an eye on our old house and I regret to say the owners have removed every bit of charm (large trees, used brick paths and planters, did I say trees? so many trees) and they have the stucco and wood exterior with those big white tiles. They’ve put a pool in back which fills up most of the yard. Everything but those fences with the vertical planks. I could cry.

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