Weekend Linkages: Bass Face

Meme found on the interwebs (not sure where). Totally agree about Trader Joe’s!

On the Origin of the Bass Face

Demonstrating neighbourhood-scale civic infrastructure for social, ecological, economic, and climate transition

A school for “radical attention”

The rock’s the star: meditative film about a Cornish stone goes global

A Kali Mirch Paneer Pasta Recipe from Pijja Palace

Pentagon’s Budget Is So Bloated That It Needs an AI Program to Navigate It

Mr. Charlie’s: The Vegan Fast Food Joint that Looks Familiar But is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

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  1. Greetings! Your recommendation of Josey bakers book started my bread baking practice, thank you . Can you give a brief summary of how you made that tantalizing pizza? I’m on the east coast and can’t visit sf

    • Basically, it’s half whole wheat and half bread flour. Use the same flour/water ratios in Josey Baker’s book and you’ve got this pizza. Bake it on a 10″ metal pizza screen on either a baking stone or an upside down cast iron skillet. Bake until dark, just like the bread in the book. Keep the toppings simple.

  2. I disagree about raw milk being healthy. My father and his mother both caught TB from drinking raw milk. Sadly, she did not survive.

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